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Warp & Weft

Tabi Natural by Yeimy Loaiza

Tabi Natural by Yeimy Loaiza

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Our impressions: Floral, Boozy, Plum, Red Grape and Green Apple.

This lot of Red Tabi comes to us from Yeimy Loaiza. In 2018 she set out to create space where people and nature could coexist: Finca La Palma. Perched high in in the cloudforests of the western mountains of Risaralda, Colombia, Yeimy’s farm ( is an incredible project balancing ecotourism, nature and luxury coffee.

To push the endevour forward she has assembled a capable team of local coffee professionals: Edgar Rios, Yaneth Loaiza, Edier Ramos and Sergio Londoño. Edier is the manager of Asocafe Tatama (@asocafetatama), and Sergio is the roaster and Lab Manager. They contribute their expertise and experience to the project, and the results are astounding. When Yeimy set her sights on farming specialty coffee, her neighbours branded her as foolish, as the microclimate of the area was seen as too cool for growing and processing coffee. Now, five years on, she is proving the doubters wrong. Her farm is planted in Gesha, Red Tabi and Yellow Tabi,Pink Bourbon, Castillo Rosario and Cenicafe 1. Exciting new additions include Pache Colis, San Bernardo, Djimma, low caffeine Laurinha, Moka and Caturron.

If you got this far, congratulations, you are clearly interested. You are curious, and probably want to know a bit about how this coffee was made… here we go: This lot comes from a 2.4 acre plot called Tatama, planted since 2018 with 3698 Red Tabi plants at 1580 meters. Ripe cherry is collected and sorted to discard any stray over-ripe and green fruit. The fruit was floated, reducing bacterial load, stabilising temperature and eliminating defective fruit in order to set the stage for an effective, homogenous fermentation. The fruit was then fermented for 76 hours in sealed containers and agitated regularly. The coffee was then dried in the fruit on covered mesh beds for 20 days. It might sound long winded but it comes down to this… cherrypick, sort, float, ferment and dry. If you want to know more about how coffee is made and differentiated, feel free to ask @warpandweftcoffee. Her single minded persistence is paying off and she is starting to gain recognition, placing in the top 5 in Technicafe’s recent competition. This is the first of many, so go follow Yeimy’s progress for yourself @yeimy_loa_ or even book your next holiday at the onsite eco-lodge

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