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Session Espresso

Session Espresso

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Our Session Coffee, roasted for espresso. Just like your favourite session beer, this Colombian coffee is moreish, you can be sure you won’t stop at one. High sweetness and low bitterness make this a perfect everyday coffee. Perfect for sharing with your favourite people.


Washed community lot

Variety : Caturra, Variedad Colombia, Castillo

Producer : Asocafe Tatama

Location : Santuario, Colombia

Roast Type : Espresso

This washed mix of Caturra, Variedad Colombia and Castillo varieties is the premium selection of high quality cherry consolidated from various members of Asocafe Tatama,in Santuario, Risaralda. Once each farmer has processed and dried the coffee from their farm, they take it to the association’s consolidation centre in the town. Here, centre manager Edier Ramos and his young team assess the coffee in the community lab. Coffees that don’t make the grade are sold to other coffee traders and this +84 selection is separated from the rest. This results in coffee with a sweet, toffee apple character, typical of the area.

This coffee comes to us from Tatama Coffee, a Colombian owned green coffee company based here in Macclesfield. We are fortunate to have a very close working relationship with Tatama, and our head roaster Mani plays a key role in both businesses. He and Tatama’s founder Henry Gomez bring in special coffees from Alto Bonito, the Gomez family farm in Santuario, Colombia as well as other members of Asocafe Tatama and other farms in the surrounding area.

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